Asia Insight Research – Future Outlook of Four Asian Countries by Experts

Research Period
January - March 2019
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Intage Group
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Target countries
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Viet Nam


Intage has conducted interviews with local industry experts to find out what kind of changes are expected to occur in the future especially in fast-growing Asian countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. Experts predicted the trend in the future. In this report, some of the trends that are common to all four countries are seen.


There are four common trends in all four countries "Positive
business outlook" "Digitalization" "Higher quantity & quality" and "Globalization." And in the midst of these environmental changes, we believe the some common trends will emerge and and accelerate homogenazation, such as ”1. Never-Ending Pursuit of Better” "2. Pursuit of Stress-Free Alternatives" "3. Time is Precious” because of the appearance of smartphone.

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