Taiwan FMCG COVID-19 Weekly Quick View (Update to June 13, 2021)

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June 2021
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Since May 2021, COVID-19 infections have been spreading rapidly in Taiwan.
In cooperation with the Kantar World Panel, Intage has been compiling and disseminating weekly consumption trends and channel-specific trends of the FMCG category in Taiwan, which is suffering from the COVID-19.

This report shows the total number of purchases and the amount of money spent per purchase in the middle of June, using the week of April 18, before the spread of the disease, as the base (=100).
(The figures are preliminary and unweighted.)

The report is available until the July 25, 2021 edition.
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In Taiwan, COVID-19 slowed down in mid-June.
Traffic started to control on a per channel basis and traffic only recovered 5% from last week.
Traffic and purchase value recovered in all categories.
By channel, traffic rebounded primarily in Hyper and Online.
Supermarkets also maintained a relatively high level of traffic, but convenience stores did not recover as much as other channels.
Online, traffic was up 27% week-over-week, while purchase value was up 19%.
Food and beverages continue to drive traffic.

Research design

Consumer purchase panel survey (Product code scan or diary)

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