Asia Color Trend Book 2022-23

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December 2020
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The "Asia Color Trend Book" is the world's only Asia-based design trend book published by DIC Color Design, Inc. The book introduces the latest Asian aesthetics through many examples, and includes trend forecasts for the future. It is a useful magazine for brand development, product planning, and design research.
The magazine is available in three languages, Japanese, Chinese and English, making it suitable for global communication.
Although it is called a "book", it is not the same as a book sold in bookstores. It is a B4 size book with a 10cm thick binder with dozens of color and material samples.
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In the year 2020, the pandemic that suddenly hit the world led the exuberance of Asia to a deep meditation and a shift to a new normal way of life. AI, robotics, and information and communication technologies are accelerating, and seamless communication between the real and the virtual is expanding the world we live in. In the midst of social change, a new sense of values traces its roots in Asia, reconsiders ancient beliefs, medicine, traditional culture and techniques, and questions the meaning of abundance and beauty. Natural materials, systems that make use of waste, artistic industrial products, and highly functional new materials that stimulate the senses. The influence of innovative designs from China and India is increasing, and they are beginning to show the world the direction of creativity.

In this 11th volume of our latest publication, we analyze the background of the times from various perspectives and propose the following six trend themes.

1) Awakening of Life: INTERFUSION
The awakening of nature's diverse realities and human sensitivity to a new normal way of life that is uniquely Asian.

2) Regenerate
An area of expression that traces the roots of Asia, using AI, DX and digitalization as a platform.

3) Inner Radiance: Examined Luxury
Redefinition of wealth and beauty. Artistic manufacturing that mixes waste and natural materials, East and West.

4) Reincarnation of poetic sentiment: Metempsychosis
A sustainable model based on the Asian concept of reincarnation that respects nature and aims for coexistence.

5) Playful Crossmodal
The possibility of creation brought about by a sense of playfulness through the fusion of design and technology.

6) Outlandish: Exobiota
The dawn of the age of smart living, a space of another dimension that breaks through existing rules

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