Market perception of electric vehicles in India with desirable features for future purchase (4-Wheel

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July - July 2021
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In India, the shift to electric vehicles (EVs) is being recognized, but it has yet to be actually purchased by a wide range of users. This report summarizes the drivers that will be the key to the spread of EVs as well as the barriers for the purchase of EVs, based on a questionnaire survey of automobile users.


Although 75% of respondents are ready to shift to EVs (electric vehicles), only 15% are specifically considering the future purchase of EVs.

The factors that are driving the purchase consideration are
- Awareness of EVs has increased.
- Various EVs have already been released by OEM brands.
- EVs are more frequently seen on the road.

Barriers for the consideration of purchasing an EV include
- Insufficient infrastructure for EVs-Specially the charging stations.
- Limited/No knowledge about the battery life and its quality.
- Low range or the travel distanceon full charge among the available models.

Characteristics of desired EVs differed slightly between male and female, with the following results.

Remote vehicle operation / Tire pressure monitoring system / Electric parking brake with brake hold

Premium sound system and Dual AC zone / 360-degree all-directional camera / Electric parking brake with brake hold

Research design

*Research method: Online survey
*Respondent criteria:
・Male & Female aged 18-45 years old
・4-wheeler owners
・India (Nationwide)

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