Food Trend Report October, 2021

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September - October 2021
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FOODIAL is a food marketing report published by TNC Inc.
That collects and analyzes the food trend information from all over the world and report it to purchasers(subscribers) every month.
In the October 2021 issue of “Pick Up”, we introduce Gourmet Salt, an increasingly popular home dining product that brings out the flavor of ingredients and is expected to have health benefits. It is seen as something that can improve the taste of food at home and has attracted even more attention when it has been used by famous chefs in the media.
In the "Topics" section, we refer 14 examples of trends from different countries.

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Pick Up:
①Gourmet salts are rapidly gaining popularity for their ability to bring out the flavor of food and their health benefits
②Food unplugged 21, an outdoor B2B food festival featuring the latest trends from a diverse range of food professionals
①AI diagnoses stress, the cause of all diseasesPersonalized energy bar mask “myAIR”
― from Israel
②MyBacon - low calorie, environmentally friendly, plant-based bacon made from indoor vertical mushroom mycelium
and 12 others

Research design

Unique members of TNC's overseas network "Lifestyle Researcher®" and food expert researchers have been collecting and reporting on the food trend information throughout the year since 2016.
TNC‘s editorial staff is Recognizing issues what Companies facing and then, they analyze the information from Lifestyle Researcher and edit it into marketing reports.

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