China & Hong Kong Luxury Forecast 2019

Research Period
December 2018
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CSG (Intage group)
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Target countries
  • ChinaChina
  • Hong KongHong Kong


This is a study on Chinese luxury consumers in both Mainland China and Hong Kong, aiming to understand Chinese luxury consumers, analyzing each luxury item category by purchase experience in the past 1 year and purchase intention in the future.


Consumers' appetite for luxury items remains optimistic both in Mainland China and Hong Kong. Respectively, clothing and jewelry performed well in Mainland China while travel and handbags or leathers goods performed well in Hong Kong. An interesting fact reveals that specific age groups spent more than millennials, which is supposed to be seen as the main target of luxury items. Generation Z aged 21-25 in Mainland China, and people aged 46 or above in Hong Kong generally spent more on majority of luxury items.

Research design

*Research method: Online survey
*Respondent criteria: Household income:HKD 720,000or above(Hongkong)、RMB 500,000or above(Mainland China)

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