Asia Trends Ranking 2021-2022

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December 2021
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Target countries
  • ChinaChina
  • IndonesiaIndonesia
  • KoreaKorea
  • MalaysiaMalaysia
  • PhilippinesPhilippines
  • SingaporeSingapore
  • ThailandThailand
  • Viet NamViet Nam


The following is a ranking of trends in eight major Asian countries for the period 2021-2022.

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The trend rankings, which have been released annually since 2015, are based on qualitative information collected by the TNC Asia Trend Lab and voluntary surveys conducted among local board members in each country.

①Wide spread of plant-based meat from fast food to traditional cuisine
②Trending entertainment food courts where you can enjoy taking photos
③Sharp decline in plastic use in Shanghai
④American/Japanese 80s loved by Gen Z
⑤Large department stores by foreign architects opening one after another

①Big growth of “Live Commerce” & “Rocket Delivery”
②”StandbyMe” – An unconventional movable smart TV
③Beer from unique collaboration of craft beer x time-honored company
④Vegan cosmetics that focuses on “Clean Beauty”
⑤Instant food products with rich flavors and premium quality

①Cozy stay-at-home lifestyle with cooking and foliage plants
②Functional vitamin water loved by women
③Thai version of Go To campaign to promote domestic tourism
④BL series is on the rise now. Is GL series the next in line?!
⑤The launch of sustainable and environmentally/socially friendly sanitary products

①Development of small businesses to get out of difficult situation
②Sharp increase in demand for e-grocery market
③Traditional herbal medicine “Jamu” is back in spotlight after its reform
④Continual launches of chocolates made of locally produced cocoa
⑤Development and sales of Halal food products by Japanese company

①Enjoy resort mood domestically with “Staycation”
②National Orchid Garden is back in spotlight
③”Japanese food” by convenience store and fast food business
④”LumiHealth” – Health boosting application by SG government & Apple
⑤Silicone replacing disposable film in food preservation

①Home gardening & foliage plants trending as people long for healing
②Evolution-type co-working space & shared office
③”White Flag Campaign” to support those in need
④SDGs activity for mangrove restoration and conservation
⑤Penang’s gender inclusiveness policy in a spotlight

【The Philippines】
①New mode of transportation (PMD) in traffic jam and air pollution measures
②Live streaming, Cross-border EC trend grows
③Rise in demand for air fryer & multi-function electric pressure cooker
④Experience-based online learning “Activity Kit”
⑤Explosive popularity of play-to-earn “Axie Infinity”

①”Canned Kombucha” with the use of local fruits
②Sustainable tourism and Green tourism in spotlight
③Home gardening trend growing at home/office
④Trending dessert “Tapioca Yogurt Ice Cream”
⑤Rising popularity of domestic organic cosmetics

Survey Summary

Methodology: TNC Asia Trend Lab, group interviews with local board members, and qualitative research by lifestyle researchers
Target population: Men and women who have lived in major cities in each country for at least five years, upper middle class and above, in their late teens and twenties, and sensitive to trends.

key word

Plant Meat / Food Court / SDGs / Generation Z / Commercial Facilities / Home Conomy / Live Commerce / Interior Appliances / Craft Beer / Vegan / Cosmetics / Instant Food / Vitamin Water / Air Fryer / Sustainable / Femtech / Small Business / Jamu / Halal /. Staycation / Apps / Corona / White Flag Movement / PMD / Cross-border EC / Cooking Appliances / Games / Axie Infinity / Kombucha / Green Tourism / Sweets / Cosmetics / Plant Based / Plastic Reduction

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