FOODIAL Vol.67 Food Trend Report March, 2022

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February - March 2022
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FOODIAL is a food marketing report published by TNC Inc.
That collects and analyzes the food trend information from all over the world and report it to purchasers(subscribers) every month.
In the March 2022 issue of [Pick Up], we discuss the growing "hard alternatives" category in the U.S., which adds alcohol to drinks.
Derived from the popularity of hard seltzer over the past few years, drinks that add alcohol to coffee, kombucha, and other drinks are gaining attention among the younger generation who are leading the trend. The key is the variety of flavors and healthy enjoyment.

In the "Topics" section, we refer 12 examples of trends from different countries.
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Pick Up:
①Adding alcohol to conventional drinks. The "hard alternatives" category market is growing
②Iced Tea RTD Trend Grows in Germany
Collaboration with rappers and use of SNS to promote RTD beverages to younger consumers
①Efficient intake of the WHO recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables, "topologies 5 A Day" is a vegan soup that can also be used for cooking
― from UK
②Reducing food loss by automatically lowering prices based on food expiration dates, ”Wasteless" dynamic pricing by AI
― from Israel

and 12 others

Research design

Unique members of TNC's overseas network "Lifestyle Researcher®" and food expert researchers have been collecting and reporting on the food trend information throughout the year since 2016.
TNC‘s editorial staff is Recognizing issues what Companies facing and then, they analyze the information from Lifestyle Researcher and edit it into marketing reports.

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