Food Trend Report June, 2023

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May - June 2023
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FOODIAL is a food marketing report published by TNC Inc.
That collects and analyzes the food trend information from all over the world and report it to purchasers(subscribers) every month.
In the June 2023 issue, “Pick Up” discusses the situation in the U.S. where NFTs (non-substitutional tokens) are attracting increasing attention in the restaurant industry.
In addition to a system in which NFTs are sold as memberships at popular restaurants where reservations are difficult, and tables are reserved for the holders, restaurants are also beginning to sell loyalty programs, such as offering special services, with NFTs.
In the "Topics" section, we refer 14 examples of trends from different countries.
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Pick Up:
①Dawn of NFT adoption in the food and beverage industry, with more use in memberships, loyalty programs, etc.
②Crickets and Buffalo Worms Certified as Novel Foods, but Dislike of Insect Food Remains Strong and Challenges Remain.

①“Sweet Dreams” nighttime cereal supports sleep with vitamins, minerals, and herbs from natural ingredients― from USA
②”KOMI”, a 100% organic, low-sodium spice blend with a wide selection to match ingredients and dishes― from France

and 12 others

Research design

Unique members of TNC's overseas network  "Lifestyle Researcher®" and  food expert researchers have been collecting and reporting on the food trend information throughout the year since 2016.
 TNC‘s editorial staff is Recognizing issues what Companies facing and then, they analyze the information from Lifestyle Researcher and edit it into  marketing reports.

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NFT/B Corp/DIY/Farm to Table/SDGs/SNS/TikTok/Generation Z/Ayurveda/Allergies/Vegan/Organic/Customize/Cookies/Gluten Free/Coffee/Sustainable/Seasonings/Cinnamon Rolls/Cereals/Sweets/Startups/Street Food/Snacks/Spices/Sauces/Turmeric/Herbs/Viral Foods/Fruits/Proteins/Probiotics/Healthy Snacking/Postbiotics/Marshmallows/Mexican/Mocktails/Ramen/Regenerative Agriculture/Restaurants/Health-conscious/Entomophagy/Nutrition Education/Sleep/intestinal health/seasoning/Low GI/Japanese Food/Lactic acid bacteria/Immunity/

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